Euro Diabetes Organizing Committee

Yong xiang wang

Albany Medical College

Biography: Yong-Xiao Wang has been a Full Professor in Albany Medical College (US ReadMore...

Research Interest: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and cardiac ReadMore...

Vladimir Strbak

Organizer and chairman
Institute of Experimental Endocrinology, Slovak

Biography: Vladimír Štrbák has worked at Institute of Experimental Endocrinolo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Endocrinology, Diabetes and Pathophysiology

Ramesh K Adiraju

RENU-CA Research Institute

Biography: Dr. Ramesh K Adiraju is an Interventional cardiologist and endovascula ReadMore...

Research Interest: 1) Dysautonomia Type-ll diabetes and vasculopathy. 2) Comple ReadMore...

Marco Falasca

Head Metabolic Signalling Group
Curtin University

Biography: Marco Falasca received the Ph.D from the Istituto Mario Negri, Italy i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Metabolism Signalling, Diabetes

Tahira I. Lodhi

Goerge Washington University

Biography: Dr. Lodhi graduated from medical school in 1999. She did her Family Me ReadMore...

Research Interest: Geriatrics,Palliative Medicine

Serge Bottari

University Grenoble Alpes

Biography: Serge Bottari, obtained his M.D. and his Ph.D. (Biochemistry) degrees ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes and endocrinology

Mario ciampolini

University of Florence

Biography: He is a retired professor from Università di Firenze, Dept Pediatrics ReadMore...

Research Interest: Current interest: Loss of hunger sensations as cause of alim ReadMore...

Judith Aponte

Associate Professor
Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing

Biography: Judith Aponte is a Hispanic Nurse, Educator, Researcher and Speaker. S ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes is causing an increase in mortality and morbidity e ReadMore...

Arturo Solis Herrera

Human Photosynthesis Research Center

Biography: Dr. Arturo Solís Herrera, MD, PhD., has been Graduated from Institute ReadMore...

Research Interest: The discovery of a biochemical process, that from a molecule ReadMore...

Gerald C Hsu

eclaireMD Foundation

Biography: Gerald C Hsu received an honourable PhD in mathematics and majored in ReadMore...

Research Interest: His approach is “math-physics and quantitative medicine” ReadMore...

Serge P. Bottari

University Grenoble Alpes

Biography: Serge P. Bottari obtained his MD and his PhD degrees at the Free Unive ReadMore...

Research Interest: His current work focuses among others on the molecular mecha ReadMore...

Shaaban Abdallah

University of Cincinnati

Biography: Shaaban Abdallah, a professor of Aerospace Engineering, has been at th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Energy loss And coronary flow simulation following hybrid st ReadMore...

David Klachko

Professor Emeritus
University of Missouri Health

Biography: David Klachko is a Professor Emeritus in department of Endocrinology, ReadMore...

Research Interest: David Klachko research interest in diabetes, metabolism and ReadMore...

Malcolm Carruthers

Founder and Chief
Centre for Mens Health

Biography: Malcolm Carruthers is a Founder and Chief Medical Consultant to the Ce ReadMore...

Research Interest: Malcolm Carruthers is interested in Testosterone Replacement ReadMore...

Yoon-Bong Hahn

Chonbuk National University
South Korea

Biography: Yoon-Bong Hahn is a Fellow of Korea Academy of Science and Technology, ReadMore...

Research Interest: His main research interest is the synthesis of metal and met ReadMore...

Alexander Dreval

Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute

Biography: Alexander Drevel completed PhD at the age of 25 years and postdoctoral ReadMore...

Research Interest: Endocrinology, Diabetes etc.

Sasha Shafikhani

Associate Professor
Rush University Medical Center

Biography: Dr. Sasha Shafikhani completed his undergraduate and PhD studies at Un ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cellular microbiology, apoptotic compensatory proliferation ReadMore...

Liaqat Ali Chaudhry

Head of Pulmonology
King Salman Military Hospital
Saudi Arabia

Biography: Liaqat Ali Chaudhry is the head of Head of Pulmonology department as w ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes-Type-2, Pulmonary Disease

Jorge Hernández Rodríguez

Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Biography: He is a full professor of Department of Biophysical and Neuroscience P ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neuroscience, Physiology, Biophysical Physiology,

Omo Ojo

Senior Lecturer
University of Greenwich

Biography: He is the Senior Lecturer in Primary Care in Faculty of Education and ReadMore...

Research Interest: Primary Care, Adult Nursing

Osama AT El Razaky

Faculty of Medicine
Tanta University

Biography: He is a member of Faculty of Medicine in Tanta University

Research Interest: Diabetes

Hazal Kucukkaraca

Ondokuz Mayis University

Biography: Hazal Kucukkaraca graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Heal ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome etc.

Fatemeh Rabiee-Khan

Birmingham City University
United Kingdom

Biography: Prof Fatemeh Rabiee is an academic and practitioner in Public Health N ReadMore...

Research Interest: Public Health, Endocrinology, Nutrition

Maria F Lopes Virella

Professor Emerita
University of South Carolina

Biography: Dr. L0pes-Virella is one of most famous doctor in the Charleston, Lope ReadMore...

Research Interest: Immune complex formation in human diabetic retina enhances t ReadMore...

Vincenzo Costigliola

European Medical Association

Biography: Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola has more than 40 years of medical practice af ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medical Teaching Methodology, Computer and Audio-Visual for ReadMore...

Palayakotai Raghavan

Nanorx INC

Biography: Palayakotai Raghavan is CEO and Founder of Nanorx INC. He completed Ph ReadMore...

Research Interest: The present invention provides nanoparticulate policosanol, ReadMore...

Rui Santos Cruz

University of Coimbra

Biography: Rui Santos Cruz is PhD in Health Sciences - Faculty of Medicine. Unive ReadMore...

Research Interest: Drug Utilization Studies; Therapeutics for Diabetes type 2; ReadMore...

Moorkath Nandakumaran

University of Kuwait

Biography: Nandakumaran obtained his Doctorate degree in Reproductive Physiology ReadMore...

Research Interest: DrNandakumaran research interest in maternal-fetal exchange ReadMore...

Irina Kurnikova

RUDN University

Biography: Irina Kurnikova has become Doctor of Medical Sciences (PhD) in 2010, t ReadMore...

Research Interest: Irina Kurnikova research interest in regulatory system in di ReadMore...

Belma Ascic Buturovic

Al Zahra Pvt. Hospital
United Arab Emirates

Biography: Dr. Belma, has completed the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo in 1989. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Belma research interest in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, a ReadMore...

Hidekatsu Yanai

National Center for Global Health and Medicine Kohnodai Hospital

Biography: Hidekatsu Yanai, MD, PhD, Fellow of American College of Physicians (FA ReadMore...

Research Interest: Hidekatsu Yanai research interest includes atherosclerosis, ReadMore...

Nelofar Sami Khan

Associate Professor
Gulf Medical University

Biography: Nelofar Sami Khan is a Associate Professor in Deptment of Biochemistry ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nelofar Sami Khan research interest in Knowledge and attitud ReadMore...

Bin Xue

Associate Professor
Medical school of Nanjing University

Biography: Bin Xue is a Vice Secretary-General of Jiangsu Society For Cell and De ReadMore...

Research Interest: Metabolic disturbance and tumor occurrence. The function of ReadMore...