Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational Diabetes refers to a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It typically resolves after childbirth but requires careful management during pregnancy to prevent complications for both the mother and baby.

  1. Diagnosis and Screening in Pregnancy

  2. Management and Monitoring

  3. Effects on Mother and Baby

  4. Postpartum Care

Diagnosis and Screening in Pregnancy: Diagnosis and screening for gestational diabetes involve tests and assessments during pregnancy to identify and manage the condition.

Management and Monitoring: Managing and monitoring gestational diabetes aim to control blood sugar levels during pregnancy to minimize risks to the mother and baby.

Effects on Mother and Baby: Gestational diabetes can have various effects on both the pregnant mother and the developing fetus, necessitating careful medical attention.

Postpartum Care: Postpartum care involves continued monitoring and management of blood sugar levels in women who had gestational diabetes after giving birth.


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